home security companies Houston

Trim the bushes and trees around your yard. Dense shrubbery and bushes just give burglars a place to hide. Yes, you want privacy, but you don’t want so much privacy that your neighbors can’t see a burglar trying to get inside your house.

4. All doors that lead to the exterior of your house should be equipped with a heavy-duty deadbolt with a minimum one-inch throw.

5. Lock your windows and secure them so they cannot be raised high enough for someone to get in from the outside.

6. Never have an expensive home security companies Houston item, such as a television or computer, delivered to your home during the day. This simply advertises what is inside your house and gives would-be burglars more of a reason to break in.

7. Make your house look occupied at all times. Put your lights on a timer and have a television or radio play while you are out.

8. Make sure your garage door closes all the way to the ground. Do not give a burglar any space to crawl under the door, especially if your garage is attached to your house


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