Busting The 3 Biggest Myths Of ObamaCare

Let’s look into the primary story concerning health care reform solely poignant uninsured individuals. in an exceedingly ton of the discussions I actually have with shoppers, there area unit many expressions they use: “I have already got coverage, therefore I will not be tormented by ObamaCare,” or “I’ll simply keep my grandfathered insurance arrange,” and also the last one – and this one I will offer them a bit little bit of leeway, as a result of a part of what they are language is true — is “I have cluster insurance, therefore I will not be tormented by health care reform.”

Well, the truth is that health care reform is truly planning to have an effect on everyone. beginning in 2014, we’re planning to have a full new set of health plans, and people plans have terribly wealthy advantages with various further options that the present plans nowadays do not supply. therefore these new plans area unit planning to be higher value.

Health Care Reform’s result On individuals With insurance

People that presently have insurance area unit planning to be transitioned into these new plans someday in 2014. that the insured are directly tormented by this as a result of the health plans they need nowadays area unit exploit, and that they are mapped into a replacement ObamaCare arrange in 2014.

Health Care Reform result On The uninsured

The uninsured have an extra issue therein if they do not get insurance in 2014, they face a mandate penalty. a number of the healthy uninsured area unit planning to look into that penalty and say, “Well, the penalty is eighteen of my adjusted gross income; I create $50,000, therefore i will pay a $500 penalty or $1,000 for insurance. therein case i will simply take the penalty.” however either approach, they’ll be directly tormented by health care reform. Through the mandate it affects the insured moreover because the uninsured .

Health Care Reform result On individuals With Grandfathered Health Plans

People that have grandfathered insurance plans aren’t planning to be directly tormented by health care reform. however thanks to the life cycle of their grandfathered health arrange, it’s planning to create those plans additional pricey as they discover that there area unit plans accessible currently that they will simply transfer to it have a richer set of advantages that may be additional useful for any chronic health problems they will have.

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